About Rubber Slide

Rubber Slide® is the best addition to your toolbox. A temporary rubber lubricant that allows rubber parts to slide easily into place and stay there, it helps avoid slippage-related and repetitive-stress injuries, reduces rejects, and improves product performance. Rubber Slide® can be used to install grommets, O-rings, hoses, tires, seals, plugs—any rubber or soft plastic parts. Rubber Slide® is compatible with rubber, metal and most plastics and was designed specifically for use in the aftermarket.

Have you ever pushed or pulled a rubber part with all your strength, yet failed to put it in place? Or exerted such force on a rubber part that it pinched, rolled or tore while you tried to install or remove it? How about scraping or bruising your hands while trying to force a rubber part into place?

We’ve all been there. But now there is Rubber Slide® to help you install rubber and soft plastic parts with ease and precision.

Rubber’s non-slip surface can create challenges during repairs and assembly. The manipulation of tight-fitting components—whether removing or reinstalling—can slow repair work, affecting quality and safety. The use of excessive force can result in damage to the part or surrounding area, causing an improper fit. Using Rubber Slide® can speed productivity, reduce waste, and help to ensure that high-quality repairs are completed on time.

The traditional solution is to lubricate parts to make the repair job easier. But some lubricants leave a messy residue that does not go away. Rubber Slide® provides a high degree of lubricity when wet and, once dry, the lubrication is gone—leaving the functionality and appearance of the part unaffected. Unlike many other lubricants, Rubber Slide® is silicon-, petroleum- and solven-free. Rubber Slide® does not contain alcohol so it will not dry out rubber or otherwise impair its performance. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, easy to dispose of and ready to use. And Rubber Slide® is 100% made in the USA.

  • Rubber Slide® was specifically designed for the aftermarket and is conveniently packaged in tubes and 115 ml bottles for repair shops, dealerships, fleet usage, kitting and resale.

Rubber-Slide-Bottle-and-Tube-WEBRubber Slide® is available for sale:

Part# R-1400-100 10 ml plastic tubes packed 100 per case at $199.00/case

Part# R-1400-04 10 ml plastic tubes packed 4 per box at $9.80/box

Part# R-1418-01 115 ml plastic bottles packed 1 per box for $6.00

Part# R-1418-16 115 ml plastic bottles packed 16 per case at $56.00/case

Part# R-1418-136 115 ml plastic bottles packed 136 per case at $448.80/case                                                            

  • Two convenient ways to order
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