Rubber Slide® is specifically designed for the aftermarket and is conveniently packaged in tubes and bottles for repair shops, dealerships, fleet usage, kitting and resale.

4 Tubes for $9.80 or 1 Bottle for $6.00!

Rubber Slide
Rubber Slide

The best addition to your tool box! Rubber Slide® significantly reduces friction, thereby reducing the installation force required to assemble parts and fittings. It helps avoid slippage-related and repetitive-stress injuries, reduces rejects, and improves product performance. Use it to install grommets, O-rings, hoses, tires, seals, plugs—any rubber or soft plastic parts. Compatible with rubber, metal and most plastics. All technicians should keep some on hand.

Rubber Slide® Assembly Lubricant
• Eases parts into place
• Helps prevent personal injury
• Reduces damaged parts
• Temporary: once dry, the lubrication is gone.
• Alcohol-free: will not dry out rubber or otherwise impair its performance.
• Non-toxic and biodegradable
• Easy to use and requires no mixing
• Silicon-, Petroleum- and Solvent-Free

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